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Free Initial meeting;

No paper, fax, phonecall, transit time, wainting in Court fees;

No traveling expenses when traveling to see you, whether you are near or far;

No unnecessary procedure;

Flat rates, no surprises;

We keep a light structure. The money you spend will go exclusively to the services that are essential to your case and your file will not be relegated. We will not charge any « over-the-top » costs and we do not charge any fees for copying, faxing, secretarial services, traveling expenses or missing a meeting. Your invoice will not contain any surprises and you will know in advance how much our services will cost you. Your litigation will be profitable.

We generally operate at a flat rate, which means there are no additional charges for the services we render, unless we have discussed them in advance.

As for the first meeting, it is free. The reason for this gratuity is simply that before assembling and retaining a client file that meets the standards established by the Law Society, we prefer to see if we have a cost effective solution to suggest and if you wish to mandate us to accomplish it .

Participating in an audit and preparing objections generally does not represent significant fees, usually less than $ 1,000.

Preparing procedures related to a trial and proceeding with the trial can cost as little as $ 2-3000 and go, generally, at maximum to about 10-20,000 $ if the sums are large or for complex cases. This budget depends in part on you and your ability to consolidate and explain the documentation associated with your litigation. These issues are discussed and clarified at the initial meeting. Keep in mind that these amounts are spread over the entire process, which can last for a few years.

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