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Revenue Quebec and Revenue Canada are basically traps, not audits.  While you think it’s a simple fact finding accounting audit and they may only reassess you if they find major mistakes, it usually isn’t so.

Most audits are started from divulgations and other audits.  Your bank, people near you or even police agencies provide tax authorities with tips on a regular basis that end up in audits. Audits of your clients or suppliers can also tag you for our own audit.  If your accountant’s other clients get audited and get assessed, you’re likely to be audited yourself. Any way an audit starts, part of the job gets done before you hear from the tax autority.  Depending on what they initially find, you will receive a questionnaire.  A questionnaire means you’re in trouble, it is not a meaningless part of any audit.

Knowing this, once you get a notice of audit, or a questionnaire, call us.

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