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When you immediatly need a tax attorney:

A)      An auditor or  investigator presents himself in person for a "surprise" visit;

B)   You are the head of, or a member of, a group that is the subject of an investigation or a massive verification. Or, you are verified as a result of the verification of a client or supplier who has been assessed or charged with a criminal offense. Or, if you are threatened or charged with a criminal offense;

C)  You are asked for bank statements, credit card statements, you are sent a questionnaire, you are asked to make a family budget, you are asked about your personal assets or you make any other request that goes beyond the simple request for copies of Invoices or receipts. In these cases, the information requested indicates that you are suspected of tax fraud or embezzlement and you have probably been identified as such before you even know about the audit.

Simple audits:

          A simple verification by which an auditor asks you, by telephone or letter, to send him a copy of the invoice for a specific account, for example the account "advertisement" or the expenses of daycare. Normally, you do not need any assistance to answer them. If they refuse legitimate bills, then you have to plan to file an objection when you are assessed.

          In the case of a company: a standard audit of all registers and invoices at your head office, with or without visiting the premises with the participation of your accountant. If you are concerned about conducting an audit or if the audit is not working properly, we suggest that you contact us to discuss your concerns. We can go to your company, free of charge, for an initial meeting. If you do not want to involve a lawyer at this point, just remember to never waive the normal deadline for issuing a reassessment.


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Audits and investigations

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