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If you receive a "project of assessment" letter, it means major problems were identified in your returns. These are situations that require a preliminary analysis so that you understand the situation. A proposed reassessment implies that you were targeted for an audit based on evidence of tax evasion that goes beyond the scope of a random audit.

You will be given time to react to the projected reassesment, usually from 21 to 90 days. Don’t react without consulting first if cash flow or asset methods were used. 

Once assessed, you will usually have 90 days, not three months, to file an objection.  This time period is peremptory, it must be respected unless it is impossible to do so. Extensions may be granted, we suggest you contact us if you’re late.

It is best to proceed through a specialized tax attorney for the preparation of notices of objection or asking for extensions of time. As far as we are concerned, this is a step that does not involve any significant cost. The initial evaluation of the file is free and to do so will avoid making embarrassing errors or admissions.  Please note that your accountant may file your objection but he may be tempted to limit his or her own liability while argumenting instead of defending you.

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Projects of assessment and reassessments

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