L’avocat: spécialiste du litige.

Tax attorney

"No matter how complex your tax or business case is, I have the skill and credibility to understand and explain it to the court, an important part of your success. I personally and completely take careof your file, with all the discretion you expect. "

Hard in business and negotiating, Mr. Asselin is the kind of lawyer we want on his side. A lawyer specializing in tax and commercial litigation, Me Asselin has a 9-year university and professional education, including a bachelor's degree in finance, a master's degree in administration and a bachelor's degree in law.

In addition to being a lawyer, Mr. Asselin has served as president and director of a medium-sized business for a few years and a consultant in financial evaluation of transaction projects. Expert in financial matters, he has participated in a large number of tax audits and has been faced with the vast majority of his clients' problems, he understands exactly what you want and what you feel.

With hundreds of cases litigated or settled in recent years, in Quebec courts, Superior Court, Quebec Court of Appeal, Tax Court of Canada and various specialized tribunals, he has the experience to manage your case , Regardless of its size.



To win, you do not just have to be right and be motivated, it's not enough. We must respect the legal deadlines and formalities and then convince the right person that the Law’s on your side. In tax litigation, your rights are faced with those of society in general, a heavy burden. Be in control of the situation under the guidance of a professional who understands the issues and the procedures.

Being represented means:

Your lawyer will receive appeals, letters and procedural documents;

You will have someone to call whenever you need it;

You will have the opinion of a lawyer who works for you rather than the opinion of the lawyer of the opposing party and the agents of the tax authorities;

Your proceedings will be well founded in law and will be right to the point;

The deadlines will be respected.

Don’t forget; prosecutors and employees of the tax authorities do not work for you. They have a job to accomplish: they are competent, professional and motivated and their goal is to collect your money. Do you want to be alone against this powerful machine? Your notice of assessment already reflects their point of view and they will not contradict each other. Will you be able to contradict them? Without a lawyer, you will most likely not have the confidence, knowledge or calm to effectively challenge when it counts, especially as you will be dealing with an experienced professional. Without a lawyer, it is very likely that you will  give up.

Your lawyer will not be intimidated and will not crack. He has the perspective, the calm and the knowledge required to defend you. He knows who to call, what to do, where to aim and knows the applicable time limits. He will avoid irritating the opposing party, facilitating the resolution of the conflict.

The role of the tax litigation lawyer is to represent you in the context of contested assessments issued by the tax authorities, including the directors' liability files. We can also anticipate disputes and prepare requests for advance rulings. We specialize in contentious issues, both in terms of objections and appeals to the courts.

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