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Let's start with two important comments: First, the bankruptcy will not release you from sums owed as a result of criminal charges. Secondly, confiscated sums in criminal matters remain fully taxable in your hands after being confiscated by the authorities. So after the charges, even after a jail term, tax assessments will be issued for the confiscated amounts, sometimes several years later.

Confiscations of assets may also apply whether or not you face charges.  Immediate attention must be given to confiscations, Courts may give million dollars buildings to the Government even if the owner did nothing wrong.

Criminal charges may include monetary penaltie and imprisonment.

Small amounts: It is simple to plead guilty and pay a small fine. The impact of these backgrounds on your tax assessments or major offenses and / or a prison sentence is not insignificant. Before pleading guilty and paying, we suggest that you contact us to evaluate the continuation of your tax and penal file depending on the circumstances.

Significant amounts and jail time: There is a direct link between the amounts claimed in the offense reports and the risk of a jail term being applied for. There are many lawyers competent in criminal matters who can represent you in criminal matters. Keep in mind that even at the criminal level, the main issues in tax evasion will likely be tax-related and not general criminal code offences, specialization in taxation by your attorney will help. Criminal judges do not have the "mandate" to calculate tax evasion fees, GST or QST, unlike the Tax Court of Canada.  They may even not consider if tax evasion actually occured, trusting the authorities that it did. In criminal matters, the judge will rely on the prosecutors to explain the tax aspect of the offense. Be sur e your attorney can plead taxation matters at the same level as Revenue Québec. Being specialized in tax matters, will help restore balance in your favor in your criminal/penal tax case.

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